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Animals in foster care or animals with special needs  


We believe that every breeder has an obligation to do whatever they can to prevent animals from becoming homeless i.e., being surrendered to a shelter or being abandoned. If our schedule, space, and financial resources permit, we regularly foster (temporarily) a companion pet that would otherwise become homeless and we keep it until a permanent home can be found.

We cannot keep these animals permanently. Being that we are breeders, who put a lot of thought before choosing which animals to include in our breeding program, it would not be prudent of us to keep any animals that come to us with uncertifiable history.

We can only temporarily accommodate a couple of animals at any given time and although we will not be keeping them forever, we do keep them for however long it takes to find them a suitable, permanent home. 


While an animal is in our care, if we suspect that it is sick and requires veterinary care, we will see to it that it gets the care it needs. Then it will remain in our care until it is in good health, before re-homing it.

Over the years, animals have come to us from people who for personal reasons, can no longer adequately care for their pet. Some have come from people who have simply lost interest in their pet or from people who are in desperate need to rehome the pet. Others have come from breeders who have decided to get out of breeding or from shelters, rescues, or veterinarian clinics, who may lack the experience or the facilities to properly care for these pets. In most cases the person or facility that is surrendering the animal has already exhausted their efforts at finding a permanent home for the pet and perhaps some of them are becoming a bit more desperate. Based on our own experience, by the time someone finally contacts us to take in a pet they are usually already quite stressed by the ordeal and only contact us because they hope that we will do what we can to ensure their pet finds a caring home. 

If we agree to take an animal in to temporarily foster, we always ask people to include any health records and a brief note that outlines the pertinent information regarding the pets’ past, most people forget this step and do not bring any paperwork or anything in writing. While we believe that most people wanting what is best for their pet, are honest and try to be accurate with dates, sometimes out of desperation some people simply tell us the things that they think we want to hear. Therefore, when a pet arrives with no history or verifiable information that accompanies it,  we can only rely on own expertise to assess the pet while it is being quarantined and we  make an educated guess and pass what we feel/learn to a potential adopters.  



We do not believe in giving away free animals. (There is no such thing as a free pet so, don’t bother asking.) Prices for older animals or animals in Foster or those with Special Needs are posted and the price is not negotiable. Although they do vary somewhat, they are very reasonable. The fee we ask helps offset but seldom covers the cost we incur while the animal is with us (for health care, food, bedding, deworming, flea/mite control, etc.). 



We require a minimum of 25% deposit before we will hold a pet and is never considered on Hold or Sold unless a deposit has been received.

To avoid confusion, never send a deposit until we agree to it first. 

If, after we agree to a sale, payments can be paid via Email Money Transfer, PayPal or Cash.


Unless a defect is the result of a birth defect  it is more likely and fairly common that a previous injury happened while it was very young. Baby animals are fearless! They learn by being rough while playing with each other when they are still with their mom.

Sometimes we see animals brought in to be  fostered with missing toes, damaged eyes, tattered ears, tails, etc. and usually, by the time we see them, the wounds are completely healed and although the pet is able to lead a normal life, it is often left with a battle scar. 

If these injuries have not healed, we will not accept the animal - it needs veterinary care, and we are not veterinarians !

Occasionally, if the wound has totally healed and the animal functions normally, we may accept it, to be fostered as a special needs animal. If we do, we will point this out by identifying it as a ‘Special Needs’ pet on our website and we will discuss this in more detail with the potential purchaser prior to allowing it to go to a new home.


A Special Needs pet, even the sweetest pet imaginable, is sometimes the hardest animal to find good homes for. Many people want their pets to look perfect and while some people may judge that as being superficial, we feel that people should always wait to get the pet of their dreams and to never let pity be the deciding factor whether or not to purchase a pet. Although special needs pets can be more difficult to find a good home for, we know that sooner or later every animal eventually finds a home. 

We seldom have Special Needs pets available but when/if one becomes available it will be posted on this page and identifiable with SPN in their Webpic #’ example SPN-X-X 

Most often the hedgehogs that we take in to care for seldom have anything when they arrive  (Unless it arrives in an enclosed  bin which will be discarded)   the  cage  and any accessory that does come with it, is included with it when it leaves. 

If the pictures of animals is marked as...

'AVAILABLE' it means that the pet is ready to leave and no one has left a deposit  to reserve them yet.  

'HOLD' means that someone has agreed to send a deposit for that animal, within a few hours (After work, after school etc.) and as a courtesy we have agreed to hold the animal for those few hours. If the deposit is not received on time the pet will be immediately re-posted as 'Available'

'P.P.U.' means someone has already reserved the pet by sending a deposit and that they will be picking it up soon. If for any reason it is not picked up on time the pet will be re-posted as Available.




We are often asked to send more pictures. Unfortunately we do not have the time to send individual pictures, instead we update the pictures and sometimes videos of our pets that are available and then post them on this page.

All of the pictures posted are current and they are updated often.


We will never knowingly take in sick or injured animals! (We recommend that if your animal is sick contact your veterinarian or if you cannot afford to then you might want to try contacting your local Humane Society to explain you circumstances and ask for their suggestions). When we agree to take in a pet, we require that the person surrendering the pet to us, sign a surrender form indicating that “to the best of his or her knowledge this animal is in apparent good health” at the time it is being surrendered. We also ask them to provide us with as much history on the pet as possible so that we can pass on the information to their new caregiver. (We will not pass on personal contact information about yourself without your consent)

Every animal that we take in, is quarantined prior to offering them to new homes. While in quarantine they are dewormed and treated with a topical flea and mite treatment. They are given a proper, healthy diet and they are monitored and assessed for behavioral issues. If an animal appears well adjusted and seems okay to leave, they are posted below, on our website. Foster animals are posted with FOS in their Webpic #’ example FOS-X-X



Anyone considering offering a good home to an older pet or a pet in foster or one with special needs is admirable, but it is so important for all of us to realize that every pet has an individual personality and habits that need to be addressed. Some of these traits and habits are easily accommodated but others can be quite challenging to work at remedying. Realizing that not ever pet is a suitable fit for everyone, we can only rely on our own experience and instincts and use our best judgement before letting an animal leave but we will never knowingly sell or place any animal with anyone if we feel that the pet will not adapt to a new home. Before we (you and we) can make this decision, we need to have an open and honest conversation to discuss some of the pros and cons in more detail before we will invite the potential purchaser to our home or agree to let a pet leave. 



Sometimes, shipping and delivering may be an option for people who are considering purchasing a baby or teenage animal or proven breeders. However, shipping or delivery is not an option for people who are considering purchasing any animals that is being Fostered by us or those with Special Needs, these must be picked up in person, at our home so that you can interact with it first!

LOCAL DELIVERY - We are sometimes able to arrange local delivery with a private courier. The price varies according to distance, time and the current gas prices. 

AIR TRANSPORT - Under normal conditions, we can often arrange Air Transport with West Jet Cargo to most major airports in Canada.

 At the purchaser's expense the price for delivery to airport, a carrier to fly a pet by air varies but it has typically been around $400.00 .

Because of COVID- 19, there are a lot of  uncertainties so Air shipping is not being offered at this time. 


Curbside or porch pick-up can be arranged.


We all need to do our part in controlling the spread of COVID - 19. We are adhering to the current public health recommendations. 

To read a bit about some of the changes that we have had to make please review the information we have posted on the home page of this website.



'If you have questions please do not hesitate to call us 289 990-4738  (9am until 10 pm ET)


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