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Available - Teenage and breeding age Hedgehogs


Many of the hedgehogs featured on this page are still babies just a bit older. Often when we are considering keeping a baby from particular breeding we need to keep the animals (or the entire litter) for a while longer, to allow us time to see how well they develop and to assess their personality traits. After we decide which animal to keep, the remaining animals are sometimes a bit older when they are posted on this page.

On the upside, the hedgehogs posted on this page are often the animals that were held back because we feel that they have some the best traits and the personality that we find desirable for breeding.

Undoubtedly most of these will go on to live in pet homes but some will go onto live with other breeders. Being that the prices seldom vary much from the price of a newly weaned baby, if it were me considering adding a new bloodline to my breeding program, these would likely be the animals I would be seriously considering . 



D.O.B. : MAY 

Gender : F

Colour :PINTO

Price : $ N A

Reduced      P.P.U.

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