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The compassion we show towards animals

and the commitment that we make to our pets,

deeply reflects the nature of our society.

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Thanks for stopping by!


  • We are a private home not a pet store. All visits are to our home in Niagara Falls, Ontario and are by appointment only.

  • We will never agree to sell anyone a pet or invite a stranger to our home without having a conversation with them first. We do not text anyone regarding our pets and whenever possible we prefer that instead of emailing us that everyone call us by phone which gives both of us an opportunity to discuss any concerns and ask any questions, before scheduling a visit.
  • Like most people we have jobs and other commitments, so we try to be as flexible as possible and once we agree to schedule a visit, we ask that you arrive on time.
  • It takes us time to prepare for every visit! A $ 25.00 non-refundable fee is required to book an appointment or a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the purchase price of the pet is required to hold a pet that is already ready to leave, for up to 5 days (The $25.00 non-refundable fee that we require to book an appointment will not be refunded but it will be deducted from the purchase price of the pet if you choose one). Most often people who are seriously considering purchasing a pet from us already have a fairly good idea of the pet they want even before they contact us to schedule an appointment. But for those who are not quite yet certain, if we know beforehand, based on the brief description of the animal you are looking for, if we have similar pets available, we can usually show up to two animals, per visit. Only animals that are ready to leave the day of the visit are available for viewing. We need to restrict the number of animals we show so that we can avoid unnecessary stresses and health risks.
  • Because we go over so many things during our phone conversations once you arrive at our home, visits usually last approximately 20 minutes. Guests do not need to feel rushed. There will be ample time to ask any questions that we have not discussed during our initial telephone conversation(s). We ask everyone to be mindful as we often have appointments booked back to back or personal commitments that we need to attend to, so we need to stay on schedule.
  • No animal leaves our home without a suitable safe transport carrier. We ask that you bring your own sanitized, escape proof, pet carrier. The carrier must allow room for the animal to stand up and turn around in but not so large that the animal slides around in while in transit. We typically do not sell any supplies but if you do not have a transport carrier, if you let us know in advance, we may be able to purchase one for you, at your expense (costs vary).


We don't always have Persian and Himalayan kittens that are ready for new homes, but when we do, a bit of basic information along with a few  pictures of them and their prices areare posted here

We also actively participate in fostering Exotics, Persians or Himalayans and sometimes we hear of others needing new homes. When we do, a bit of basic information and a few pictures of it will posted here.

Occasionally, (not often) we may have a retired breeder available. ​


 information about hedgehogs in the wild and tips for caring for them  when kept as pets.

A brief overview of some things you may need for your new pet  Hedgehog.


  • Location for pick up or viewing is at our home in Niagara Falls, Ontario only. (we will not meet halfway) Visits are by appointment / invitation and for safety reasons, our address is not posted on our website. It will be shared by invitation only.
  • We Do Not send individual pictures, instead so that everyone interested in them can view them, we attempt to update the pictures on our website often.
  • Our babies wean naturally. We do not believe in early weaning! Unweaned animalsare not be available for viewing.
  • As a precaution, all our babies are dewormed, and a topical flea / mite prevention is done monthly. 
  • Every animal leaves our home with a written health guarantee and some food that it is used to eating.
  • Everyone needs to be sure that they are making a well informed decision prior to committing to all of the responsibilities that come with of pet ownership.  After a pet leaves our home, should you change your mind, the animal can not be returned for a refund. This is done to prevent unnecessary health risks to our other pets. 
  • We require a minimum of 25 % non-refundable deposit based on the purchase price before we will reserve any pet. 
  • No animal leaves our home unless paid in full. 
  • Payments or Deposits are accepted via E-transfer, PayPal or cash.
  • Rearranging our schedule and preparing for every visit is time consuming and costly for us therefore we need to be selective who we invite to our home. Now, due to the sheer number of people who just want to visit our pets combined with the number of no-shows, unless you have already sent a deposit to reserve a pet, we require a $25.00 non-refundable reservation fee to book appointments in advance. Although this small fee is non-fundable, if you choose to purchase a pet, it will be deducted from the purchase price of the pet that you have chosen.
  • Shipping / Delivery is no longer an  an option
  • It is very important to always practice good hygiene! Whenever we buy or sell anything, new or used, if they are washable, we clean them with soap and water before we use them or sell them. Just because an item appears clean doesn't mean it is clean. ‘Why leave it to chance’. 
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