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Health Guarantee and Sales Agreement - - Niagara Falls, ON



Heritage Pets guarantees …

  • That we will never knowingly sell pets to anyone under the age of 18. We require that any person under 18 years of age has a guardian or parent present at the time of picking up the animal. The guardian or parent will be required to sign this guarantee and this guardian or parent understands they are assuming full responsibility for the pet(s) described on this guarantee.
  • The pet is being sold to you in apparent good health and does not display any signs of illness at the time of purchase.
  • Heritage Pets will under no conditions pay for any medical expenses, Veterinarians’ bills or associated charges. We guarantee all our pets for 10 days from the date of purchase. If a licensed Veterinarian finds the pet (identified by this guarantee) to be ill or if this pet shall die or require euthanasia within 10 days of purchase, Heritage Pets will replace your pet with another pet of equal value, without cost to the purchaser, within thirty days. "Proof from your Veterinarian will be required"
  • Because of health concerns and quarantine issues, for the safety of our own animals, once an animal leaves our home, Heritage Pets will not under any circumstances take the animal back! Prior to us selling you a pet, we believe that you have told us the truth and that you have done all your homework! Once an animal leaves our home, if problems such as landlord disputes, allergies, trainability issues, etc., arise it is the purchasers’ responsibility to resolve their own issues. At any time throughout the animal’s life if you 'the purchaser' find yourself in a situation where you are no longer able to adequately provide for this pet, please feel free to give us a call to discuss the situation. Although we will not ever purchase or refund the price of the animal, we may be able to help by temporarily taking it into or placing it into a foster home, until we find it a more suitable home. 
I the purchaser(s) understand and guarantees…
  • All Veterinary requirements and costs are to be met at the purchasers’ expense and the costs are non-refundable.
  • The animal identified by this guarantee is being sold to you to be kept as a pet and it will not be used for breeding. It will not be allowed to breed and that Heritage Pets does not guarantee breed conformation, personality or reproductive ability of the pet.
  • This animal is not and will not be registered by Heritage Pets, or by me or by another party.
  • Pedigrees & other breeding records are the property of Heritage Pets and will not be provided for this animal.
  • The pet(s) purchased will be cared for in the best manner possible always. It will never be sold or given to a lab, pet store, humane society or rescue organization.
  • This health guarantee is non-transferable and cannot be transferred to another party.
  • I have read and understand the information on the website and will continue to refer to the website for updates.

Heritage Pets agrees to sell the following (Species) _____________________________

Sex __ Colour:____________D.O.B._____________ Webpic# / I.D.# ____________ Price _____________

Sex __ Colour:____________D.O.B._____________Webpic# / I.D.# ____________  Price _____________

Additional shipping/Delivery/Other charges that are not part of the guarantee and are non-refundable           Price _____________


- less deposit __________

Balance Due ________

Sold to:

Name ________________________________________Phone # (________) _________-_________ Email _____________________________

Address________________________________________City_________________________ Postal Code______________________


I the purchaser (and/or the guardian) understand, that there are no oral representations that are not contained within and that I have read the entire agreement. I agree that the above stated is the entire agreement between the parties undersigned!



D​ate  ____________________        Purchasers’ Signature (s) ________________________

(If under 18) - A Guardian's or parent’s Signature below 

Date ______________________             Signature: _______________________________     


Date ____________________ Heritage Pets reps' Signature: ____________________     

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