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Some of Our Policies


Without a parent's or guardian's consent

We realize that many people who are under 18 make wonderful caregivers to animals. However, because we do offer a written guarantee that requires our signature and a purchasers’ signature, if the person buying a pet is under 18 years of age, we require that a person over the age of 18 is present at the time of purchase who will also be required to sign our Health Guarantee / Sales Contract.

(By signing, the person over 18 accepts the terms of the agreement as described on the Health Guarantee / Sales Contract and he or she understands that they are assuming all responsibility for the pet.)



  • We feel that a person is not quite ready to make the type of commitment needed to care for the pet properly, we may suggest that they wait until their situation changes and they are better prepared to take on this type of responsibility.
  • We feel that an animal seems underdeveloped or too immature to let go to a new home.
  • It appears even a bit off (unhealthy) in any way, we may need to ask you to wait.
We strongly feel that every responsible breeder has an obligation to their pets as well as to the purchasers. It is very important that we always try to match the right pet to the right person. Of course, this is not always an easy decision to make. When we are choosing who is the best person to care for one of our own pets, we feel that if the match is not a perfect fit then the best decisions for us to make is to simply to say NO to a sale.


  • We always vet people who hope to purchase from us.  But if we do agree to sell someone one of our pets, we ultimately leave the final decision to buy a pet, entirely to the discretion of the purchaser. Occasionally when we feel a that a different animal might be a better fit for the them, we may and suggest it so that they can consider their options, otherwise we never pressure anyone in to purchasing any of our pets.
  • If / when we agree to sell someone a pet, it is because we feel, based on what they have told us, that he or she has done their homework and we already discussed many of the pros and cons regarding caring for this type of pet and that the purchaser fully understands the level of responsibility and commitment that is needed to care for the pet properly and forever.
  • If we did not feel that he or she was serious about the commitment they were making, we would not have agreed to sell them the pet.
  • It is important to realize that like us, animals feel stress too. Being moved from a home where it has always felt safe to a new home where all the smells, sounds and people are new and strange, is usually a very stressful time for any pet. When animals are under a lot of stress, they are at higher than normal risk of contracting an illness such as parasites, viruses, colds, etc.
  • Therefore, once an animal leaves our home, it cannot be returned and put back to mix and play with our other pets. However, if for any reason, the purchaser feels that they have made a mistake and they need / want to return the pet that was purchased from us, he or she may choose to return it to us, but they will not be provided with a refund or any other type of compensation. (We will certainly not be willing to give you any credit towards a future purchase).
  • If someone does choose to bring the animal back, they are required to sign a wavier (Surrender Form) as the pet will be considered as a surrender or foster.

Surrendering a pet to us

Keep in mind that we are not purchasing this pet! We will not offer any compensation to the person that is surrendering a pet to us.

  • There is no cost to the person who surrenders a pet to us.
  • Whenever someone decides to surrender an animal to us, they are required to sign a Surrender Form.
  • We are not always able to take in animals. We need to be able to accommodate them comfortably and we must be certain that we have the time that will be needed to care for them properly. If we do take them in, they will be cared for just like all our animals. It will not be offered for resale right away and it will not be returned to you.
  • Every animal is placed in quarantine for 10 days or longer if needed, because we need to make sure they are healthy and time to assess their behavior. While in quarantine, they will be treated (as a precaution) for parasites and they will receive a fungal bath. They will receive a premium, good quality diet and then when we feel it is safe to release them to a new home, we will do so.
  • If we have not already found a good home for them before they are ready to leave, we will post their picture on foster page on our site and being that we never give away animals for free, we will offer them for sale for a nominal fee.

We do not rent out our pets.

Over the years many of our pets have been featured in printed articles, their pictures were used for other advertising and some were regularly used on Television. Do to changes in our lifestyle we find offering them for this purpose is far too interruptive therefore we are no longer interested in offering our pets for hire.

We do not offer stud service.

To help prevent the introduction of various health problems, our breeding facilities are closed to outside animals. Any newcomer goes through a strict quarantine period before it is introduced to our pets. Therefore, we cannot offer stud service for animals that we don’t personally own.

Prices are not Negotiable

We are breeders who take pride in caring for our pets and we make time when needed, to educate others about caring for them properly. We are never in a hurry to sell one of our pets because we already know that they all find homes eventually. Haggling over price just isn't something we do! We are not interested!

Buyer Beware… Sometimes breeders find a struggle to sell a litter. Which can make desperate people do irresponsible things such as discounting pets without proper health care such as deworming and vaccines or taking the time needed to properly screen the people purchasing them. While there will likely always be someone trying to sell all types of pets as quickly as possible, if someone is that desperate to do anything it takes to make a quick sale ask yourself, if you are comfortable purchasing a pet from some like that, you may want to rethink why it is you are wanting a new pet.

Seller Beware… For us, whenever someone asks for “a deal” 3 things come to mind

I.The person just wants to get a deal…This is mostly just an annoyance and usually little more than a waste of time, but it could also be a Red Flag. Everyone wants to save money, but as the saying goes, ‘we get what we pay for’.

Raising pets is not a cheap hobby and it is certainly not a business. We spend a lot of money raising our pets. We do not deprive them of high-quality food, ongoing veterinary care, the supplies they need to keep them well-groomed or for things that keep them happy. We are seriously committed to our pets. When we price our pets there is a lot to consider but usually, we can only ever hope to break even. So, our prices are already very fair.

II.The person doesn’t think the pet is worth it!... Why would anyone consider selling any animal to someone who doesn’t feel it is worth it? Animals are always worth a lot more then the asking price. If you truly feel that an animal is not worth the asking price, then we would rather you did not buy one of our pets.

III.The person can not afford the pet… Responsible breeders want to sell all their pets feeling secure in knowing the person buying it can afford it. When purchasing animals to keep a​s a pet is not an investment, it is an expense that is ongoing for the rest of the pet’s life. Purchasing a pet is privilege so it is very important to start out right.

Instead of trying to negotiate the price of an animal, or purchasing one that leaves you feeling a bit apprehensive about when you are about to spend your money on, or if you can’t really afford one then maybe it is better just to shop around until you find something priced within your budget or perhaps just maybe the time is not right to buy one right now. Why not simply wait until the time is right for you?

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